Farewell celebration of the P5 classes

| News Grundschule

It was a very special farewell for the Primary School children of the classes P5 of the European School Munich. They are not only the first class to be taught at the new Fasangarten site that will move to the Secondary School in Neuperlach in September for the school year 2020/21. Their entry into a new phase of life is also subject to exceptional conditions. Keep your distance, wear a mask, small groups. The special hygiene rules of the Corona pandemic naturally had to be taken into account. So there were two farewell ceremonies in the schoolyard for the two teaching groups, on 24 June and 1 July. Thanks also to the bright sunshine on both dates, all the children were in a great mood. 

The children sat with colourfully decorated cajons in marked circles to keep their distance. The stage was decorated with European flags. Primary School director Alexia Giannakopoulou and ESM director Anton Hrovath spoke to the children, bid them farewell from Primary School and encouraged them to start at Secondary School. Under the direction of Christiaan Dekker, the classes drummed together on cajons and clapped, first the self-made class mottoes, then to a recast version of "We will rock you": We will miss you! The children had written their wishes to the school on paper planes, which they threw into the air as a symbol of the flight from Primary School to Secondary School. The paper planes were then left behind. They are to be exhibited next year. Finally, there was a surprise when the certificates were handed over: Popsicles on a stick, just the right thing for the heat. There was live music to round off the event. See you next year at the Neuperlach location!