Proclamation at the drive-in cinema

There has never been such a proclamation ceremony in the history of the European School Munich. Due to the current restrictions on assemblies, the proclamation could not take place at the school this year. Nevertheless, a worthy graduation could be made possible for the graduates of Secondary School: The celebration moved to the drive-in cinema in Aschheim. 

Some families came in special cars, the mother's beetle or a large mobile home. Many decorated their vehicles with flags. ESM director Anton Hrovath and the interim director of the Secondary School, Martin Duggen, drove in with the ESM van. The greetings from Brussels were transmitted digitally: Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for Budget and Administration of the European Commission, congratulated the students on passing the BAC with a video message that could be seen on large screens on the sides of the stage. The speeches of the two directors were also enlarged by video. Anton Hrovath praised the European spirit of innovation and cohesion, which is particularly important in the crisis, as the graduates themselves had experienced in the past months. This was followed by speeches by the representative of the European Patent Office, Maria Castellanos, and by Julien Jacoby, the representative of the Parents' Association. Honk concerts accompanied the speeches. 

Due to the special situation, the ESM choir could not perform at the site, but had prepared a musical video greeting. Afterwards the presentation of the approximately 180 diplomas took place. As every year, the students wore elegant dresses and suits. New was that this time there was also a mouth and nose protector with the ESM logo, and unfortunately the handshaking had to be cancelled. Then BAC coordinator Veronika Artelsmair addressed the graduates. Finally, the representatives of the language sections of the graduation classes said goodbye on behalf of all. Finally, a toast was given - from a distance and with water, after all, everyone came by car. 

Every year the proclamation is an event that many will remember for a long time. Due to the unusual circumstances, this time it will certainly be remembered. 

The media also found the original idea with the drive-in cinema interesting. The Bayerischer Rundfunk reported on the celebration on radio and television.