Tutors at the ESM

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It is a well-established practice at the European School Munich that the slightly older students support the younger ones in school life. The tutors offer low-threshold support in everyday school life and thus make a lasting contribution to a positive school climate. To ensure that this works reliably, there are regular training sessions for the tutors.

Most recently, the Munich Pupils' Office (Münchner Schüler*innenbüro - MSB) conducted such a training course in the week before the autumn holidays. The MSB is an association that is supported by the Munich District Youth Ring, among others, and that promotes the exchange of pupils across schools. In the seminars for tutors, they are introduced to the tasks of the position. Among other things, they learn what their rights and duties are, how best to deal with the younger ones and how to work well in groups. Taking over the tutorship not only develops skills that benefit other students, it also trains the tutors' social skills.

Among other things, the participants of the seminar talked about what they expect from tutors, what their tasks are and are not, what projects they would like to implement and how they can achieve these goals. The MSB also published a handbook on all this, which was funded by the European Commission and the Munich District Youth Ring. In the end, there was not only a lot of positive feedback from the tutors; highly motivated, most of them wanted to get started with their work right away.

Those who are also interested in becoming tutors currently have to be patient: Pupils from class S4 onwards can always apply for the position at the beginning of the school year until the end of September to the school psychologist Sylvia Segerer-Schwarz. This year there was an extraordinary amount of interest: Over 40 tutors are now helping S1 and S2 pupils to find their way around the ESM Higher School. The European School Munich would like to thank everyone for their commitment.

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