New ESM Website

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You will have noticed it immediately: The website of the European School Munich looks different as of today. To help you find your way around more quickly, here is an overview of the most important changes.

With the re-design of our school website, we are bringing it up to the latest technical standard. A modern website for a modern school. First and foremost, the look has been changed, but there are also new functions as well as technical and editorial changes. The next step will be to translate the website into French.

What is new?

More than half of the people today use websites via mobile devices such as smartphones. The presentation of the ESM website has therefore been optimised for small, mobile displays. There are new possibilities to work with images and highlighting. In general, there is more space for designing content. The upper area of the homepage now serves as a stage to better address new interested parties and to emphasise the European character of the school. The colour scheme is also now based on the colours of the European flag.

Under the stage you will find overviews of current events and dates as well as links to the most important and most frequently requested subpages. The appointments in the calendar can now be easily saved in a digital calendar app. To do this, select either the appropriate calendar service or ICS import under "Save date". The latter is a widely used file format for appointments that is supported by many digital calendars.

No longer implemented on the ESM website is the automatic translation into other languages via Google Translate. This function is now technically obsolete, as most modern browsers now have their own translation function. A manual translation into French is being planned.  We ask for a little patience until implementation.

Where can I find what?

The navigation structure, which used to be confusing at times, has been simplified. The navigation to pages for individual target groups on the homepage ("For Parents", "For Teachers", "For Pupils") has been deleted in the process. The evaluation of the usage data had shown that these links were hardly used. Instead, there is now an area in the lower part of the homepage with the most important links, through which frequently requested pages can be found more quickly.

Using the drop-down menu in the header bar, you can now also navigate directly from the start page to the subpages and thus reach your destination in fewer clicks. The links to further online services, which were linked at the top of the old website, can now be found collected in the top menu bar under the link Internal. These are services that are mostly operated separately from the school website and require their own login, such as SMS, the substitution plan or Moodle. Contact details can be found in the footer.


As the ESM website is technically and editorially relatively complex, we ask for your understanding if minor errors still occur here and there. You are welcome to report them to website(at)esmunich(dot)de.

In the case of technical bugs, it is helpful for reproduction if you send a screenshot, the URL and the browser version you used in addition to a description that is as precise as possible. Please note that outdated browsers cannot always be fully supported and that we as a school cannot provide support for the calendar app you are using.

You are also welcome to send general feedback, questions and criticism to website(at)esmunich(dot)de. We look forward to rhearing from you!