Cubism project via distance learning

In this semester, cubism as well as sculptural work with clay was planned for the harmonized S5 art lessons. Because of the school closure improvisation was required. The art teacher Sibylle Schardey therefore led a project on cubism by distance learning.

Cubism is one of the most important art styles of the 20th century. It was decisively developed by Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Juan Gris. The foundation stone was laid by Paul Cézanne with his idea of representing the visible world in basic geometric forms. The Cubists developed this art theory further by working in a geometric and at the same time polyperspective manner, breaking down forms and collaging new materials onto canvases.

The students were provided with simple corrugated cardboard boxes for their work. The technique of plug-in connections made it possible to work without glue. Some had a little paint or interesting paper scraps at home. The first more comprehensive task was a collage after their own self-portrait. This was followed by a flower vase with plug connectors and finally, as a semester project, a musical instrument in the style of cubism. The students were wonderfully creative and created great sculptures. The works will be exhibited in the coming school year at the European School Munich.