Making gifts for people in need

Doing handicrafts together and making people happy. The tutors of the European School Munich Secondary School used the free time during the class teacher's hour to work on a social project together with the S1 pupils.

Under the guidance of the tutors and strict adherence to hygiene measures, the school children made small paper boxes. The tutors filled them with letters and chocolates. The gifts created in this way were distributed to Munich's homeless people and other people in need. The ESM pupils are thus taking part in a Caritas campaign which is being carried out in cooperation with several Munich schools.

The Korbinian kitchen has been organised by Munich Caritas and other associations since the end of September. It enables people in a precarious situation to have a warm meal, some exchange - and now also a small gift in the pre-Christmas period. The project distributes up to 600 warm meals a day at Karl-Stützel-Platz near the main train station. This is necessary because due to the Corona pandemic, comparable food outlets have had to stop their service, but demand is increasing.

A total of nine classes took part in the handicrafts campaign. The pupils took part with great commitment. This gave them the opportunity to get involved in a social cause and also gave them the chance to get to know the tutors of the ESM.

You can find further information on Munich's Korbinian kitchen here.