Epiphany in the Kindergarten

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The ESM Kindergarten celebrated Epiphany in a very special way in the week after the Christmas holidays. The French and Spanish Kindergarten groups surprised the other children with pastries: Les Lutins baked a Galette des Rois, los Girasoles a Roscón de Reyes. Galette des Rois and Roscón de Reyes are traditional French and Spanish Epiphany cakes. The yeast or puff pastry is filled differently depending on regional tradition. They also made crowns for all the children.

The Spanish and French children wanted to celebrate together with the Squirrels, the Rainbow Group and the Busy Bees. In times of Corona, however, this is not so easy. But a solution was quickly found that kept the groups from mingling and allowed them to keep their distance. Les Lutins and Los Girasoles organised an Epiphany procession through the garden. They showed the gifts of the Three Kings to the other children at the window and presented them with Galette des Rois and Roscón de Reyes. With the cake and hot chocolate, some then celebrated inside and the others outside, spatially separated but still together. A truly international Reyes-Magos-Trois-Rois-Three-Kings celebration that made the children very happy.