Kindergarten opens again

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One could see the joy in the looks of the children. After weeks of ordered closure, the pre-school children were allowed to return to their kindergarten on May 25th - of course with special precautions. The groups were divided and now alternate weekly. From Monday to Thursday the children can play and learn. There was a rainbow as a greeting, the reunion with the teachers and the other children was really good for everyone.

The reopening was accompanied by an educational and hygienic concept. The well-known respect flower now also wears a face mask. The pedagogical staff talk to the children about the current corona situation to create understanding and to take away fears. The classrooms have been reorganised to keep more distance, and the playground is now also kept at a distance. Exercise and routine also helps the children a lot to cope with the situation.

Not all of the kindergarten children are back at the ESM yet, but that will change soon: From June 15th, the younger children can also return to the kindergarten. Welcome back!